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Sweet Summer Night (15.00-20.30)

Sweet Summer Night II continues in the ‘narrative thread’ of the first evening. Nico Dijkshoorn gives a live recital from his successful audio tour, which resulted from his previous performance at the Sweet Summer Nights. Never before will you have seen a medieval still life or a work by Van Gogh in this way! Knol d’amour also found inspiration: in Van Gogh’s Potato eaters. In their modest ‘expo’ you can learn all about our (still) favourite supper. Artist in residence Gadjo Joe is joining us again (see details 14 July) with a new story tour, this time led by Mexican multi-instrumentalist Luiz Marques. Music (and film) are also the main ingredients for ‘There Must Be Some Way Out Of Here’, a breathtaking multimedia project by Hanneke de Jong and Jonas de Witte, with live accompaniment by four young musicians. There is more music by American singer-songwriter Otis Gibbs, with his highly personal songs, and by Eefje de Visser. Before breaking through to a large(r) public, she had already been a guest at the Sweet Summer Nights, this time she provides the musical finale to the evening with her exceptionally beautiful, poetic songs. The Flamish singer-songwriter Renée performs her songs on our woodland stage.

The Instamatic Atelier by Rob Sweere also returns again (see 14 July), and the students from ArtEZ. This time the (animation) films will be shown by TV Wartburg, in combination with old-fashioned computer games (Pong!) and a delicious bag of popcorn. If you want to make your own animation film, that too is possible this evening. The Meganimator will ride through the sculpture garden and provide all the possibilities for a creative account of the evening. Finally, Delinus with its new, environment-friendly addition Suzie will provide transport between the locations. This sexy maxi taxi (inspired by the sculpture garden!) will bring you to the dance performance by Komma4 or the events area, where actors Jasper Boeke and Helge Slikker present a wonderful musical tale about two men with a mission. Thus, an eclectic evening, hopefully also full of inspiration!

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Catering is again available on these evenings, but you can, of course, also bring your own picnic. The Sweet Summer Nights and the Children’s Afternoon are free to everyone with a valid ticket for the park and museum. Entrance fee: combined ticket for park and museum: € 16.40 for adults, € 8.20 for children from 6 to 12 years of age (children under 6 free). Part of the programme will be in Dutch language only. More information about the Sweet Summer

F.l.t.r.: Eefje de Visser (photo Sander Vermeer), Nico Dijkshoorn (photo Wieneke Hofland) and Otis Gibbs