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Concert by Cam Penner (at 13.30 hrs)

In the first weekend of Vincent is back – part 1: native soil, on Saturday 24 November (13.30 hrs), the museum presents a special musical guest: Cam Penner (accompanied by Jon Wood). This Canadian singer-songwriter is taking a break from his European tour to visit the exhibition and give an intimate performance in the Information Centre.

Penner is a big fan of Van Gogh’s work and recognizes himself in the way in which Van Gogh sought inspiration (particularly in this initial period). The ‘native soil’ also resonates in his own songs, translated into keen observations and personal experiences, also mainly with the less fortunate of this world. Cam Penner has worked in an American shelter for the homeless, in soup kitchens and in a woman’s refuge centre, where he offered a listening ear to anyone with a story they had to get off their chest. In the evenings he incorporated these experiences into new songs and music. Although the stories are sometimes grave, the tone always remains hopeful and positive. He says about his latest CD (Gypsy Summer): Gypsy Summer is full of hope. It's full of love. It's electrifying and provoking. It's full of everything we should be looking for, not only musically, but in life.

The concert is organized in collaboration with LDM Bookings/Lucky Dice Music and is free to attend for visitors with a valid ticket for De Hoge Veluwe National Park and the museum.

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