Conservation of Jan Toorop’s The print lover completed

The conservation treatment of Jan Toorop’s painting The print lover from 1900 was recently completed in the painting conservation studio. In the course of time the varnish layer has yellowed considerably. Furthermore, dirt was found under the varnish layer on the paint layer. This gave the painting a somewhat grimy appearance and detracted from the artist’s original intention.

Small cleaning tests revealed that removing the layers of varnish and dirt made a larger than expected difference and were, thus, crucial in the decision to remove the varnish completely. Toorop’s pointillist painting technique is now shown to full advantage once again, because the fresh colours of the individually applied dots of paint stand out against the light background, both of which are no longer covered by a uniform greyish veil.

Image: The print lover before and after conservation (photo, Rik Klein Gotink).


Conservation of Jan Toorop’s The print lover (Dr. Aegidius Timmerman)