Preparations KMM-Van Gogh exhibition in Brescia, Italy

Autumn 2008, Linea d'Ombra organised the exhibition "Van Gogh desegni e dipinti; Capolavori dal Kröller-Müller Museum" in Brescia, Italy (October 18, 2008 until February 8, 2009).

In order to prepare all 115 loans 3 temporary colleagues on project base are employed. It concerns 83 works on paper and 14 paintings by Vincent van Gogh and 16 paintings by contempories of his.

This also offers the opportunity to take some of the paintings in restoration. 

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The darkened varnish and retouchings are being removed from the Fisherman by Vincent van Gogh, painted early August, 1883; 51,1 x 32,8 cm, KM104.318. Also the paper tape along the edges is removed.
Photograph at left: before restoration;
Central photo: During varnis removal in normal light - the varnish, darkened during the passed ages, is removed from the right half of the painting, which didn't happen at the left side yet.
Photograph at right hand side with ultra violet light.

The darkened varnish is removed from Isaac Israels Café-chantant in the Nes in Amsterdam, 1893 (91,5 x 106,5 cm, KM 110.986). Both photographs are taken during varnish removal. The photo at the left side in normal light, the photo at right in ultra violet light. The discolored varnish is removed from the right side of the painting, the old varnish still exists on the left side.

Van Gogh’s Fisherman’s wife, painted in August 1883 (51,8 x 34,0 cm, KM 108.683) was also treated. The brown varnish, darkened retouching, old fillings and the paper tape along the edges has been removed.
Photo left: the painting during varnish removal in normal light;
Photo at right: with ultra violet light.

The painting Digger, painted by Van Gogh in Augustus 1885 (45,4 x 31,4 cm, KM 102.175) was restored, the discoloured varnish and darkened retouching has been removed, after which the painting was retouched.
Left Photo: Digger before treatment;
Right photo after treatment (in normal light).

Photograph at left: Digger with ultra violet light before removing the varnish;
Right: with ultra violet light after thinning the varnish.

The Digger during retouch

Duration: Jul 1, 2008 - Oct 18, 2008