'Fing-art-print' is in situ three dimensional non-contact microscale documentation and identification of paintings and polychrome objects. The project will develop a system to easily fingerprint objects of art and cultural heritage. This will provide a long sought after non-destructive, non-contact method for uniquely identifying these objects. Objects and collections which are fingerprinted can be easily identified and traced when on loan or in transport. As part of an (inter)national database network, 'fingerprints' can be used to re-identify recovered objects and protect against illegal trafficking of cultural heritage. The Kröller-Müller Museum provided the project with three case studies: a small bronze Chinese sculpture, a small polished bronze from Jean Arp and a part of a bronze sculpture by Tom Claassen, to compare the same part, from a different cast. These objects have been chosen to monitor the possible development of patina.

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Project coordination: Bill Wei - Instituut Collectie Nederland
Duration: Dec 1, 2005 - Dec 1, 2007