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Conservation 'Sculpture Flottante - Otterlo' by Marta Pan

Sculpture Flottante – Otterlo from 1961 by Marta Pan (1923-2008) is an abstract white kinetic sculpture made to float in the pond in the sculpture garden from the Kröller-Müller Museum. It is the first plastic sculpture in the garden, and a very early example of an outdoor sculpture made out of glassfiber reinforced polyester resin. It may be the first sculpture to float on water ever. Due to the outdoor environment and a pedestal made out of water lead to the fact that the sculpture has to endure more than works of art that are preserved by museum conditions. Its material condition has to suffer from climate changes, dirt and the constant presence of water. To protect the sculpture it has been coated several times. During the years the balance of the sculpture shifted, affecting the kinetic nature of the work. Last year the conservation research and treatment of the work started in collaboration with ICN. The over 80 year old artist has been interviewd, which was very helpful to understand the structure of the sculpture better and for the research into the artmaking process. The first stages of the conserveration treatment have been carried out, making it possible to admire this special floating sculpture in the pond during the summer.

Marcel van der Sande and Lydia Beerkens investigating Sculpture Flottante – Otterlo (photo: Sanneke Stigter/KMM)

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Duration: Oct 1, 2008 - Apr 1, 2009