August 10th, 2013

Sweet Summer Children's Afternoon - 75 years Kröller-Müller Museum (11.00-16.30 hrs)

With a.o. Theatergroep Wie Walvis, Lydia Rood, Ensemble Judique,
Cinekid, Hotmamahot and Scubabianchi. 

Take a look at the programme here.

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July 27th, 2013

Sweet Summer Night 2

With a.o. Orlando, Birds of Chicago, Hans Aarsman, TAMTAM Objektentheater, Miek Uittenhout, Matzer, Kami & Kamu, TinTypeStudio, artists in residence from HKU and WENDE.

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July 13th, 2013

Sweet Summer Night 1 - 75 years Kröller-Müller Museum

With a.o.: Davai Perkusion, Compagnie Woest, Rogier Pelgrim, Kleine Scala, TAMTAM, Toon Tellegen en het Wisselend Toonkwintet, Zazí, BLISS, Linda Molenaar, TinTypeStudio, artists in residence of HKU, Merel Kamp and Spinvis.

Visit the Kröller-Müller Museum Youtube channel

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August 11th, 2012

Sweet Summer Children's Afternoon - Stories

With Judith Nab, Theatergroep Max, J.O.N.G. Ensemble, Meganimator, Festivalkunst, Schminkgroep and Lucas Steenhuis

The Sweet Summer Children's Afternoon of 11 August, attracted over 2500 visitors, including a lot of children, who enjoyed all the acts in the sculpture garden.

An impression:

Photo's: Judith Zwikker

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July 28th, 2012

Sweet Summer Night II - Stories

With Nico Dijkshoorn, Knol d’amour, Gadjo Joe, Luiz Marques, Hanneke de Jong and Jonas de Witte, Otis Gibbs, Eefje de Visser, ArtEZ, TV Wartburg, Renée, Meganimator, Delinus, Rob Sweere, Komma4, Jasper Boeke and Helge Slikker

An impression:

111 by Matzer Theatergroup

Otis Gibbs in the Amphitheatre

Writer/poet Nico Dijkshoorn

Animation films by TV Wartburg

Taxi minibus by Delinus

Eefje de Visser in the Rietveld Pavilion

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July 14th, 2012

Sweet Summer Night I - Stories

With Mondriaan Kwartet (with Guus Janssen), Mondo Leone, Lottie Hellingman, Gadjo Joe, ArtEZ, Thijs van Vuure, Bakkiebike, I Am Oak,  Peter Katz, Janne Schra (Schradinova), Do It Yourself DJ, Electric Circus, Rob Sweere, Ed Sanders and Eva Rovers

The first Sweet Summer Night was, without doubt, the rainiest festival night of all editions. Luckily, the museum possesses a couple of covers that allowed the original programme to proceed. Over 1250 visitors enjoyed all the acts inside the museum as well as in the sculpture garden.
An impression:

I am Oak

Peter Katz

Mondo Leone

Lottie Hellingman

Dansgroep Ed Sanders

Eva Rovers

Do It Yourself DJ

Janne Schra

Gadjo Joe

More photos: Facebook

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August 13th, 2011

Sweet Summer Children's Afternoon

Acts include: the workshop 'Me sokke sakke so' (5+) by Theaterschool Koperen Kees i.c.w. NJO Muziekzomer, Gadjo Joe, De Ganzenfanfare, Joris van Oosterwijk and Shanti Straub and TV Wartburg.

Despite the somewhat grey skies, a sunny mood reigned at the sculpture garden of the museum. Children of all ages enjoyed the different acts in the garden. Luckily the rain stayed away all afternoon, which meant all acts could be performed outside as planned. Gadjo Joe told riveting stories, tailor made for four of the sculptures in the garden. In the amphitheatre Koperen Kees/NJO performed “Me sokke sakke so”, a happy play ending in the singing of the title song by performers and audience.

Chonk made it possible to be a photgraphed in your own drawing and you could make your own 3-D mask. TV Wartburg had a 3-D experience as well: playing the ‘golden oldie’ Pong in 3-D. And returning the little “ball” with your “bat” proved a lot harder in 3-D. Klaas from TV Wartburg made excellent popcorn, accompanying the old cartoons and short films he showed in between Pong-sessions. Near the Needle Tower the play “De boom en de jongen” (The tree and the boy) was performed by Joris van Oosterwijk and Shanti Straub, and for those who did not bring a picnic blanket, stools made out of tree trunks were (very fittingly) provided.

Near the Needle Tower the play “De boom en de jongen” (The tree and the boy) was performed by Joris van Oosterwijk and Shanti Straub, and for those who did not bring a picnic blanket, stools made out of tree trunks were (very fittingly) provided.

And through all this the Ganzenfanfare (Geese fanfare) marched to a happy tune, a sight that brought a smile to the faces of everyone who saw them.

Photo's: Reina Rap/KMM

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July 30th, 2011

Sweet Summer Night - 50th anniversary of sculpture garden!

Acts include Gijs van Bon, Isbells, De Dansers, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Gummbah, Vespaqua, Jeroen Kant, BLISS, Fratelli Fiasco, Willum Geerts and TAMTAM.
For an impression of the evening: watch our video onYoutube

The Sweet Summer festivities continued during the second Sweet Summer Night on Saturday July 30 (15.30 – 20.30 hrs) and attracted over 3000 visitors.

Cartoonist and writer Gummbah delivered a selection from his book 'Net niet verschenen boeken'.

Skryf (by artist Gijs van Bon) adorned the walking paths outside with historical quotes using fine sand.

In the woods meanwhile, Utrecht-based group De Dansers created their own stage where dance and live music blend into one another.

The gifted singer-songwriter Jeroen Kant played his Dutch-language songs, accompanied by sounds from the garden.

The amphitheatre was the setting for a concert by the talented Belgian band Isbells whose debut album and beautiful polyphonic songs made a lasting impression last year.

Other higlights were the performances by Fratelli Fiasco and TAMTAM Objektentheater, and of course Vespaqua's, mobile bath house.

Raymond van het Groenewoud brought the festivities to a close with a sweet summer mix of old classics and new storytelling songs.

Photo's: Isbells: Nel Appelmelk, BLISS, Vespaqua, Gummbah, Jeroen Kant, Raymond van het Groenewoud: Claudia Pieper, Ed Sanders, Skryf: Reina Rap/KMM

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July 16th, 2011

Sweet Summer Night - 50th anniversary of sculpture garden!

Acts include Hans Dorrestijn, Esther Groenenberg, Fixkes, Georg Traber, Signe Tollefsen, Electric Circus, Ruth Bequart/Kyoko Scholiers, Delinus 3, Theatre group Dis, Willum Geerts, TAMTAM and more! Watch this evening's impression on Youtube

Willum Geerts

The temperature was fine, but the first Sweet Summer Night of 2011 was oh so rainy. As this was predicted by the weather forecast, the museum moved various acts and presentations to dry locations, such as the Rietveld Pavilion and the Amphitheatre, with its brand new roof. So no sweet summer photos with lawns full of picnicking families this time, but (particularly later in the day) a lot of ponchos and umbrellas of those who were not going to be discouraged by the circumstances. Willum Geerts began while the sun was still shining, and walked with around 150 visitors (and a special newspaper) through sounds and light.

Georg Traber was less fortunate. His fragile performance ‘Heinz baut’ (inspired by the works of Kenneth Snelson) had to be cancelled and was replaced by a different performance in the large sculpture gallery. Different, but certainly just as impressive. At least the visitors to the merry-go-round of Ruth Becquart and Kyoko Scholiers (BRIEF) had a seat out of the rain, where they listened to the letter readings.

Children (and many adults too) also enjoyed the unique (robot) monkey Mono and Delinus 3, the minibus that brought many visitors to the less well-known corners of the sculpture garden, despite the rain. Theatre group DIS and their SRV truck were relocated to the Rietveld Pavilion, where the presentation was enthusiastically received by a large audience.

In the Amphitheatre, many visitors enjoyed the remarkable voice of Signe Tollefsen and the cheery songs by Esther Groenenberg and band that put everything into perspective. During a downpour the ladies also decided to play together for a while. A unique moment for the visitors that were still seated there.

Other highlights were, of course, the comical and informative lecture by Hans Dorrestijn and the concert by the Fixkes, who were still able to end the day with a sultry summer concert.

Photo's: performance Willum Geerts: Willum Geerts, Mono the Monkey, Esther Groenenberg, Hans Dorrestijn, Fixkes: Nel Appelmelk, Signe Tollefsen, Georg Traber: Reina Rap/KMM 

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August 14th, 2010

Sweet Summer Children’s Afternoon

Acts included: Het Ensemble, Koos Meinderts, Fools, Hanna Jansen, Chonk, AR+RFID Lab, De Dansende Mannetjes en Miriam.

Het Ensemble

The first ever Sweet Summer Children’s Afternoon was a great success. The museum offered special productions and activities exclusively for children in the sculpturegarden.

An impression (also on our Youtube channel):

Hanna Jansen


Koos Meinderts (photo Matthijs Meinderts)



Chonk (photo Matthijs Meinderts)


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August 1st, 2010

Extra!! BOT: children’s workshop + concert

BOT is a collaboration between sound artist Geert Jonkers and Arnhem-based band BEU. Their raw and unpolished concert (also to dee on the Sweet Summer Night of July 31st) full of odd and humorous music machines proved a great success at the 2009 edition of Oerol Festival. Especially for the museum, Jonkers and BEU performed the concert one last time and also hosted a squeaking and grating children’s workshop  that offered a glimpse into their wondrous musical kitchen. About 20 children participated in the workshop.

An impression:

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July 31st, 2010

Sweet Summer Night – Forward

Acts include Huub van der Lubbe, Cie Puppets, Monica da Silva Trio, BOT, Xavier Fontaine, Merkel & Vannix, BLISS, Vereniging Natuurmomenten, Leander Haaitsma and 2movedancecompany.


An impression of the Sweet Summer Night's performances:

Huub van der Lubbe

BLISS (photo Michiel van Abbe)

Monica da Silva Trio

2movedancecompany (photo Michiel van Abbe)

Leander Haaitsma (photo Michiel van Abbe)

Visit our YouTube channel for an impression of this evening

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July 17th, 2010

Sweet Summer Night – Still

With acts including Stef Kamil Carlens, Nico Dijkshoorn, Stephen Bain, The Primitives, Yevgueni, Leander Haaitsma, Instituut voor de Loslopende Mens and Jaap Robben.

Yevgueni in the Amphitheatre

An impression of the second Sweet Summer Night. An evening that celebrated Time the magic of the moment and the unique summer’s evening atmosphere in the sculpture garden.

Writer/poet Nico Dijkshoorn in the Kas-tent

LaMelis with 'Sur la table, Sir'

Yevgueni in the Amfitheatre

The Primitives with 'Timber'

Stef Kamil Carlens in the Kas-tent

Photo's: Wieneke Hofland -

Here you can find all information about the Sweet Summer Nights
Here you can downnload the schedule for July 17th

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July 3rd, 2010

Sweet Summer Night – Rewind

With acts including Stevie Ann, Vincent Bijlo, Eefje, Vloeistof, Theatre company Aardlek, Micha Hamel, Radio Barkas, Het Meubilair and Guido Pollemans.


The first Sweet Summer Night, on Saturday July 3rd, visitors enjoyed performances throughout the sculpture garden. There were also free guided tours of highlights from the collection and Sweet Summer Guest Judith Nab presents her multi-media installation ‘Nightshot’, which is on view until July 30th.

An impression (also on our Youtube Channel):

Judith Nab: 'Nightshot'

Eefje in the Amphitheatre

Het Meubilair: Bar in a Box

Vincent Bijlo

Stevie Ann

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August 22nd, 2009

Sweet Summer Afternoon









On August 22 the last Sweet Summer Afternoon of 2009 took place. There was a creative workshop for children by photographer and artist Mamabart. On the sunny lawn visitors enjoyed the lunchbites and beverages. At te end of the afternoon they were treated on a jazzy concert by Lavalu in the Rietveld Pavilion.

An impression of the last Sweet Summer Afternoon on August 22:
workshop Mamabart Sweet Summer Afternoon
workshop Mamabart Sweet Summer Afternoon
Sweet Summer Afternoon Kröller-Müller Museum
Lavalu Sweet Summer Afternoon Kröller-Müller Museum

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August 20th, 2009

Sweet Summer Afternoon

The second Sweet Summer Afternoon on August 20 was hot, almost tropical. The visitors were treated on a concert by Orchestra de ereprijs and a children's workshop by Mamabart. Parents and children enjoyed the lunch bites and drinks, partook in the guided tours and relaxed on the sunny lawns.

An impression:

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August 8th, 2009

Sweet Summer Afternoon

Cubus Zwoele Zomermiddag
The first Sweet Summer Afternoon on August 8, visitors were treated on a concert by Nyacha and a musical expedition through the sculpture garden, created and brought by Cubus (NJO). Visiters enjoyed the lunch bites and drinks on the lawns, partook in the guided tours and relaxed with a special chair massage.

An impression of the Sweet Summer Afternoon of August 8:
Nyacha Sweet Summer Afternoon
Nyacha was formed by eight students in Beira (Mozambique) in 2002. They are currently touring the world with their energetic and catchy brand of African music.
Nyacha Sweet Summer Afternoon
Cubus Sweet Summer Afternoon
The concert by Cubus was created especially for this afternoon and took the form of an exceptional exploratory expedition with a unique combination of art and classical music.
Cubus Sweet Summer Afternoon

Cubus Sweet Summer Afternoon
Chair massage Sweet Summer Afternoon
Chair massage on the lawn.

The program of this afternoon was supported by Mundial Productions and internationale Muziekzomer Gelderland.

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July 25th, 2009

Sweet Summernight – inspiration

With a.o. Joe Baele (BE), Radio Barkas, Waterlanders, Joke van Leeuwen, Anneke van Giersbergen, Totram Griebe, Miek Uittenhout, Hagar Peeters, Blote Badgast, Eva de Roovere (BE) and Sweet Summer Guests Nathalie Bruys and Geert Jonkers.

Anneke van Giersbergen

The second Sweet Summernight was again sunny enough for a nice picnic in between shows, performances and concerts. The theme of this extra long night was: Inspiration. With over 1500 visitors this Sweet Summernight was as a resounding succes as the first.

radio barkas sweet summer night

Radio Barkas

miek uittenhout sweet summer night

Miek Uittenhout (HOT)

hagar peeters sweet summer night

Hagar Peeters

joe baele sweet summer night

Joe Baele

eva de roovere sweet summernight

Eva de Roovere

Soon you will find a videoreport on this second Sweet Summer Night on the museum's Youtube channel. We will keep you informed.

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July 11th, 2009

Sweet Summer Night – illusion

With a.o. Delinus, Merel Kamp, BLISS, Daan Hofman, Aaf Brandt Corstius, Aardlek, Kaas Kwartet (DU/NL/BE), Jan Rot, 2movedancecompany, AR+RFID Lab, Henk Hofstede/Robert-Jan Stips (De Nits) and Sweet Summer Guests Nathalie Bruys and Geert Jonkers.

Henk Hofstede Sweet Summer NightMerel Kamp Sweet Summer Night




An impression of the first Sweet Summer Night: Henk Hofstede (l) and Merel Kamp (r), photography KMM/Margriet Vooren

The first Sweet Summer Night attracted more than 1500 visitors. The evening was packed with amazing productions on location, stimulating performances and unique concerts throughout the sculpture garden.

Watch an impression of the first Sweet Summer Night on our Youtube channel 

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August 16th, 2008

Sweet Summer Night - Longing

With a.o. Sensuàl, Gerard van Maasakkers en JW Roy, F. Starik, Babok, De Kazerne, Ragazze Kwartet, Eefje Wentelteefje, Dennis Gaens, Jaap van Keulen, Haico, D!O, Tsead Bruinja

An impression of the fourth Sweet Summer Night:
Eefje Wentelteefje Roadshow, Gerard van Maasakkers and JW Roy (Photos: Margriet Vooren/KMM)


August 2nd, 2008

Sweet Summer Night - Astonishment

With a.o. Neco Novellas, Bas Haring, Leine, Odd Enjinears, LaMelis, Astrid Lampe, Guido Pollemans, Toeac, Oscar Prinsen, Radio Barkas, Marten de Paepe

An impression of the third Sweet Summer Night:
Leine in the intimate Amfitheatre, Neco Novellas swings in the Rietveldpavillion (photos: Margriet Vooren/KMM) 


July 19th, 2008

Sweet Summer Night - Imagination

With a.o. Gabriel Rios, Lydia Rood, Warner&Consorten, Stille Fanfare, Lucky Fonz III, TamTam Objectentheater, Vicky Francken, Joost II Sickenga, Kooklab 

Gabriel Rios in the auditorium, Warner&Consorten - Bokkesprongen (photos: Jilles Verbeek)

Then all at once the sky turned blue after all! After a wet afternoon, it cleared up around half past five with the sun even managing to peep through the thick clouds. Good news for the 650 or so visitors who had defied the afternoon showers to come to the museum but also a welcome development for several artists who wished to make use of the unique atmosphere of the sculpture garden in spite of the weather forecast.

In their inimitable manner, Warner&Consorten took the public across the rain-soaked sculpture lawns and the Stille Fanfare moved unperturbed along the paths past the much-visited multimedia presentation by Joost II Sickenga and around the tents of artist Lambert Kamps, where visitors eagerly harassed each other with an interactive boxing glove. Visitors who walked around by themselves were pleasantly surprised by Kooklab’s exceptionally tasty insects, which had survived the many showers in their transparent cocoons. Indoors, Lydia Rood and Vicky Francken received a great deal of applause and the information centre was packed for all three renditions of a rusty and humorous fairytale by Tam Tam Objektentheater.
After a performance by Lucky Fonz III, whose poetic songs left quite an impression, the evening concluded with a concert by Gabriel Rios. In the auditorium, over 400 visitors listened with bated breath to his intimate and tender performance, which at times also contained some Latin American sunshine. After the afternoon rainfall and the clear spells during the evening, this was a fitting and sweet conclusion to a special festival evening!

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July 5th, 2008

Sweet Summer Night - Seduction

With a.o. Joris Linssen en Caramba, Xantippe, MartHa!Tentatief, De Kazerne, Instituut voor de Loslopende Mens, Olaf Mooij, Els Moors, Helmut Smits

De Tilburg Cowboys, Joris Linssen en Caramba (photos: Jilles Verbeek)

During the first Sweet Summer Night of 2008 (July 5th), over 1200 visitors allowed themselves to be seduced by a lively programme filled with music, theatre, literature and art. Seduction could for example be found in the production Arabian Nights by Productiehuis De Kazerne. In an intimate spot in the woods, visitors listened enthralled to a sensual Arabic poem, accompanied by the sounds of the U'd (Arabic lute).
In the Amphitheatre, the Tilburg Cowboys sang for one last time an exalted ode to the many joys of their cigarette addiction. The evening concluded with a concert full of Dutch melancholy and Mexican longing by Joris Linssen and Caramba, combined with enticing tangos by El Gancho. A standing ovation in a packed Rietveld Pavilion brought the opening night to a close.


August 18th, 2007

Sweet Summer Night - Passion

With: Rick de Leeuw, Sees Travels, Bart Groenewegen, Powerboat, Marita Kratz, Vrouwkje Tuinman, Al Galidi and Amparo Cortés

Last year the artist Marita Kratz attracted a great deal of attention with her intriguing performance ‘Bunny’. This year she will create a new performance, again centred n the themes of femininity and passion.

Visitors who wish to undertake a real journey through the sculpture garden can book one at the SeeS Travels desk. This theatrical travel agency will take you on a tour of several art works in the sculpture garden, complete with transport, hostesses and an exciting performance (in Dutch).
Bart Groenewegen is back again (see also Sweet Summer Night of 21 July) with his ‘Koffiebar’ where he will make coffee to order in all manner of ways and with all manner of equipment.

The literary and poetic component of this Sweet Summer Night will be provided by Literair Productiehuis de Wintertuin. Tonight there are readings by Vrouwkje Tuinman and Al Galidi (in Dutch).
Tonight’s programme will be brought to a close by the flamenco singer Amparo Cortés. Her moving performance is guaranteed to provide an impassioned finale to the Sweet Summer Nights of 2007.

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August 4th, 2007

Sweet Summer Night - Secrets

With: Briefgeheimen, Ad Visser, Gerbrand Bakker, Theatergroep Ponies, Guido Pollemans, Miranda Poel, Nikitov, Gif.t, Tsead Bruinja, Tanja van Susteren and Jaap van Keulen. 

This evening pride of place is given to the special project Briefgeheimen organised by Nieuw Amsterdam Uitgevers, NRC Next and De Standaard. ‘Briefgeheimen’ collects people’s greatest secrets, one of which will appear each week in NRC Next. Editor-in-chief Wim Brands will talk about the project’s background and history (in Dutch). And of course you can leave behind your own greatest secret discretely and anonymously.
The unique multi-media performer, TV presenter and singer-songwriter Ad Visser will recite a mega-poem of 1050 stanzas entitled ‘De parade van de hemelse tragedie’ (in Dutch).
Among the great successes of last year’s Sweet Summer Nights were Theatergroep Ponies and Guido Pollemans. They are back again this year by popular demand with a play (in Dutch) written specially for the Sweet Summer Nights.
For her project ‘Sighs Matter’, the Tilburg artist Miranda Poel collects as many different kinds of sighs as possible. You write down your worries and then breathe your sigh into an inflatable, where it will be stored.
The international quartet Nikitov will play as part of the Gelderse Muziekzomer festival. Nikitov comprises the violinist Jelle van Tongeren, the bassist Jason Sypher, the guitarist Adam Good and the singer Niki Jacobs. They will perform an assortment of contemporary Jewish klezmer music.
The literary and poetic component of this Sweet Summer Night will be provided by Literair Productiehuis de Wintertuin. Tonight there are performances and readings by Tsead Bruinja (in Dutch), Gif.t. and others.

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July 21st, 2007

Sweet Summer Night - Taste

With a.o.: Wilfried de Jong, Joep Pelt and Lobi Traoré, The Primitives, Xantippe, Pim te Bokkel, Bart Groenewegen and Miranda Poel

The Flemish theatre group The Primitives will give two performances of its successful ‘Swan Lake’ (in English), a highly idiosyncratic and humorous version of the classic ballet.
Bart Groenewegen presents various kinds of coffee in his ‘Koffiebar’, where he will make coffee to order in a variety of ways and with all manner of equipment.
Miranda Poel is an artist from Tilburg. This evening she will make ‘instant edible poems’. Give her a word and she will immediately make a surprising culinary snack with an attendant poem.
One of the most remarkable performances during the Sweet Summer Nights is the partnership between the Dutch singer and guitarist Joep Pelt and the Malinese singer-songwriter and guitarist Lobi Traoré. The two met in Mali’s capital Bamako and last year they recorded a CD together: a unique blend of Pelt’s American blues and Traoré’s highly danceable Bambara blues. After playing at the Festival Mundial and the North Sea Jazz Festival they will end their tour at the Kröller-Müller Museum.

The literary and poetic component (mostly in Dutch) of this Sweet Summer Night will be provided by Literair Productiehuis de Wintertuin. Tonight there are performances and readings by Wilfried de Jong, Xantippe, Pim te Bokkel and others.

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July 7th, 2007

Sweet Summer Night - Dreams

With: De Kift, Roos Rebergen, Mondriaan Kwartet, Alfred Schaffer, Rob Sweere, Lieke van Lexmond, Mamabart, Bureau Blanko en de Reizende Bioscoop.

De Kift in the Rietveld pavillion (photo: Marjon Gemmeke/KMM)

Alfred Schaffer (photo: Marjon Gemmeke/KMM)

Roos Rebergen (photo: Marjon Gemmeke/KMM)

The evening opens at 17.30 with the Silent Sky Project by the Arnhem-based artist Rob Sweere. In this international project, the artist gets people from different cultural backgrounds to look at the sky for half an hour. Rob Sweere will record the session in a panoramic photograph, which will be shown in the museum’s sculpture gallery.
The Arnhem-based artist Mamabart invites the museum’s visitors to take a look into his extraordinary dream world.
The world-famous Mondriaan Quartet will perform works by John de Simone, John Zorn and others. The quartet will be joined by the sound artist Robert Pravda who will perform on his famous octachord.
In the sculpture garden there is also the travelling cinema, where you can dream away to short urban films by artist Paul van Wees in an intimate setting. Grasland by Bureau Blanko is an instant theatre experience for two people in which everyone imagines themselves an actor for a moment and will surprise themselves with a live public performance.
The evening will be brought to a close by the band De Kift. This well-known band from North Holland creates a surprising combination of punk music and theatre with beautiful poetic lyrics (in Dutch).
The literary and poetic part of this Sweet Summer Night will be provided by Literair Productiehuis de Wintertuin. The evening includes a performance by Roos Rebergen.

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August 19th, 2006

Sweet Summer Night - Gipsy Jazz

The last Sweet Summer Night of this year and a festive ending to the programme, with Gypsy Jazz as its central theme. The ‘Living Art’ exhibition is being opened especially for this evening with works by groundbreaking artists from Eastern Europe, and you can enjoy a few of Europe’s best gypsy jazz musicians as well. The highlight of the evening will undoubtedly be the performance by a.o. Koen De Cauter, Fapy Lafertin and Patrick Saussois. They’ll be performing in the garden with their programme DjanGO!, a tribute to gypsy legend Django Reinhardt and a big hit this year in the theatres of Belgium.


Rietveld Pavilion: 6.45 - 7.30/7.45 - 8.30: DjanGO!
By: Koen de Cauter, Fapy Lafertin, Arno van Dongen, Waso De Cauter, Xavier Brochard en Myrddin De Cauter.

Other locations: 17.15-18.45 Brassband De Coup

Continuous: ‘Living Art’ exhibition

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August 5th, 2006

Sweet Summer night - Music and dance

The third Sweet Summer Night is a special experiment not to be missed. That evening, the subdued tranquillity of the sculpture garden will serve as a source of inspiration for a select company of composers and sound artists. Sound performers Platform and Pierre Estourgie took their equipment into the garden in search of places to make so-called soundscapes, inspired by these locations. Sasker Scheerder and Nathalie Bruys set up an installation in which visitors themselves can participate. For everyone who wants to have a go at sampling, mixing or scratching, there’s a workshop under the direction of DJ Cixx and DJ Synny S. And ‘silent’ dancing will take place all evening at the famous ‘Silent Disco’ in the Rietveld Pavilion. Snacks and drinks will again be provided.

Radio78 with their terrace


July 22nd, 2006

Sweet Summer night - Theatre

Each summer for several years now the museum has offered young theatre, music and dancing talent a platform for presenting themselves to the greater public. This year, the second Sweet Summer Night was entirely for them! Performances by Theatergroep Ponies, dancing by Komma4 and a children’s performance by 2overrood, inspired by the work of Carel Visser, was shown at various locations in the sculpture garden. Also featured were performances by Mamabart and Grasland.

Theatergroep Ponies with 'Ik heb u nooit een rozentuin beloofd' in the Rietveld Pavilion (photo: Herman Tibosch/KMM)

Broer & Zus Pollemans (photo: Herman Tibosch/KMM)


July 8th, 2006

Sweet Summer night - Literature and poetry

For many people the peace and quiet of the sculpture garden is reason enough to pay a visit to the museum, quite apart from the museum’s extraordinary collection. These unique qualities will be the focus of this evening’s special programme, featuring writers, poets and singer-songwriters. Tonight you’ll enjoy recitations and performances by Joost Zwagerman, Simon Vinkenoog (with jazz combo), Marike Jager and Jasper, along with performances by artists Rob Sweere and Marita Kratz.

Performance Marita Kratz - Bunny  (photo: Margriet Vooren/KMM)

Joost Zwagerman reading in the Rietveld Pavilion (photo: Margriet Vooren/KMM)