Are you adventurous and do you enjoy treasure hunting? Would you like to learn more about sculptures in our sculpture garden? Then use the Geo Route to hunt the art treasure hidden there.

Start hunting!

The Kröller-Müller Museum has one of the largest sculpture gardens in Europe: 25 hectares with over 160 sculptures. Somewhere among these, there is also a hidden art treasure. When you finish hunting and find this art treasure, you receive a code to open it. Then you take the credit card and go to the museum shop. In the shop, you can exchange the credit card for a gift.

Practical information

Download the free Kröller-Müller Geo Route in the App store or Android Store and start hunting! The Route starts in the sculpture garden. 

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The Kröller-Müller Geo Route was created in collaboration with our partner Mastercard. Together, we are working on a shared mission: to introduce as many people as possible to art and culture in general, and to our unique collection in particular. Mastercard seeks to connect people with art in unforgettable ways through Priceless Experiences. Visit for more unique experiences.