The computer game ‘Collecting like Helene’ introduces students of VMBO (secondary vocational education) and HAVO/VWO (higher general education/preparatory scholarly education) to the museum and its origins in a contemporary way. Following in Helene Kröller-Müller’s footsteps, the students visit galleries, studios and large auctions and assemble their own wonderful collection. H.P. Bremmer gives advice and sometimes also offers an artwork, but you have to be quick, because five fellow students also have their eyes on the favourites. 

New version
The successful game, which was developed in 2005, no longer works on the museum’s new website. The museum aims to present a new version in 2018 with contemporary possibilities, such as using a smartphone and Facebook. The game can also be played via the website, making it widely available to people of all ages. 

Unique start of a museum visit
‘Collecting like Helene’ offers a unique start to a museum visit. Students bring their collection with them on their smartphone to see the works they ‘purchased’ in real life. Using special lesson cards, they conduct research into their favourites, exchange works and write a speech for a new acquisition. They are encouraged to record details with their smartphone or make a video of the speech and upload it to Facebook.

‘Collecting like Helene’ will be available free of charge from the museum’s website. The game will also be available in English.

About 40,000 students visit the museum every year. We anticipate that half of the school visitors will use the game.

The approach is so innovative that the game will likely receive a great deal of attention both nationally and internationally.

Investment costs
The development costs for the new version are estimated at € 65,000.