The Kröller-Müller Museum, the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and Van Gogh Brabant are the founding partners of Van Gogh Europe, which was established in 2012. The aim of the foundation is to make Van Gogh’s legacy as widely accessible as possible in Europe. After the initial phase, in 2018 the foundation began refocusing on objectives and strategy, so that a new long-term plan of action can be drawn up. Two new partners joined the initiative: the Drents Museum and the house in London (Hackford Road), where Vincent van Gogh lived.
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In liaison with EuroArt and the MTVP Museum Domburg NL, the ICEAC is the Ambassador of the network of Toorop sites in the project Impressionisms Routes. A basic Route has been developed & is expanding throughout Europe, starting with Museums and Organizations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Laren NH, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Katwijk, Dordrecht, Leiden, The Hague, Domburg, Middelburg, Otterlo, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Oosterbeek, Zwolle, Assen), Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris), England (London), Germany (Neuss, Mainz, Karlsruhe, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Schwaan, Alkersum auf Föhr), Switzerland (Zurich) and Austria (Vienna).

So far, the ICEAC ( administers a library  of  more  than  5.000  books  focusing  on  Artists’  Colonies in Europe.
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As a ‘treasure trove of De Stijl’, the museum was part of the storyline Mondriaan & De Stijl in 2018, via our regional marketing partner Toerisme VeluweArnhemNijmegen. The good results of the thematic year in 2017 and the enthusiasm among visitors and partners led to the decision to extend Mondriaan to Dutch Design as the storyline Mondriaan & De Stijl. This is a two-year programme in which seven locations participate, namely Drachten, Winterswijk, Ede/Otterlo, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Leiden and The Hague. The communication focuses on awareness, conversation and cross-selling between the partners.
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