Kröller-Müller Museum loan procedure

Requesting a loan

  • A loan request must be submitted at least six months before the opening date of the exhibition.
  • For loan requests of eight artworks or more, the request period for the loan is one year.
  • Requests for works by Vincent van Gogh and other objects which are part of the permanent exhibition in the museum must be submitted two years beforehand.
  • Loan requests which are submitted later will not be accepted for review.


The request must include the following information:

      • Name and address of the requesting institute.
      • Contact details of the person handling the application
      • Exhibition period and title of the exhibition.
      • Relevance of requested object(s) to the exhibition. The works requested: title, artist and inventory number. Facility report of the exhibition location, preferably in accordance with the model of the AAM (American Association of Museums). The facility report will be handled with confidentiality.
      • Recent climate data of the exhibition room where the work is to be exhibited, from a period comparable to the loan period.

The request can be sent to, for the attention of director Benno Tempel. The Kröller-Müller Museum prefers a fully digital loan correspondence.

The Kröller-Müller Museum aims to provide you with a definite answer within three months of receiving your application.


The Kröller-Müller will not request a fee for providing the museum loan. The borrower should however take the following costs into account:

            • Transport by a recognized art transport firm.
            • Insurance of the objects during transportation and period of the loan.
            • Packing material. Note: works by Vincent van Gogh should travel in green Turtles with T+ corner blocks.
            • If applicable: costs for conservation or restoration. These costs will be specified and provided beforehand.
            • If applicable: costs for travel, hotel with breakfast and per diem for the courier.



The Kröller-Müller Museum has the following environmental and light requirements:

              • For paintings and works on paper T 20 º C (+/- 2 º per 24 hours), RH 52% (+/- 2% per 24 hours).
              • For works on paper and photographic material: lighting to a maximum of 50 lux; for paintings by Vincent van Gogh: maximum 75 lux. A maximum of 150 lux is the standard for other objects.
              • Requirements may differ for sculptures and in specific cases.

Frames and mounting

Paintings and works on paper which are lent by the Kröller-Müller Museum are always provided with frames and museum glass. The museum has its own mounting system, which can be included if desired. Paintings and works on paper must be secured to the wall in at least two places.


The Kröller-Müller Museum has the following requirements for security:

                • During opening times, security guards must at all times be present in the space where the objects are exhibited.
                • The exhibition venue must have adequate building and electronic security, with at least certified fire and anti-burglar alarms and systems with automatic alert to legally recognised external first responders and aid teams.
                • The objects must be under 24-hour CCTV-surveillance. The video material must be kept for a minimum of 72 hours.
                • Additional personnel, electronic and building security requirements may be requested.
                • The Manager of Security & Art Protection Services of the Kröller-Müller Museum will possibly visit and assess the exhibition venue beforehand and may request further requirements to adjust the security situation.



The transportation of the loaned objects must always be done by a recognised Dutch art shipper, preferably HIZKIA, Kortmann or Imming.

In all cases, transport vehicles must be equipped with:

                • A climate installation which is set to the requirements of the Kröller-Müller Museum.
                • A security system through gps-tracking.
                • Air suspension.
                • Two English speaking drivers

In the case of air freight, the exhibition venue must have the status of Regulated Agent (RA) and meet the strict security requirements for the protection and transportation of air freight.


                • Reproductions for publications or (online) publicity can be requested, against a fee, from the reproduction department of the museum: Margaret Nab (
                • The museum will receive two copies of the exhibition catalogue.

For any questions about the loan procedure, please contact the Registrars Office of the Kröller-Müller Museum ( or +31 318 596 168