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Seeking inspiration, want to watch a pro or need some tips and tricks for drawing? On several days between 12 October and 19 January, an artist will be drawing live in the exhibition Drawn from life.

7 and 8 December – Koosje Koene  (www.koosjekoene.com)

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14, 15, 21 and 22 december - Iris Bakker (www.irisbakker.dk)

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Watch and learn

Prefer to see first? Watch the tutorials which belong to The Drawing Book.

The personal treasure – How to make shade in your drawing.

A steely expression – How to make a wire portrait.

Surprise print - How to make prints with a pizza box and a rolling pin.

Trees and details – How to make a rubbing from a tree.

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Proud of your drawings? Share your results on social media and mention @krollermullermuseum.