Minimal and symbolic

American sculptor James Lee Byars draws inspiration from both Western and Eastern culture. The ‘minimal’ shapes in his work – the (hemi) sphere, the star and the column – are rich in symbolism. He uses beautiful and precious materials, such as silk, gold and marble, which also often have a symbolic meaning 

Ancient and modern

This small sphere is made of blue African granite. In both the East and the West, blue is the colour of the heavenly and the divine. The sphere is the pre-eminent archetypal form, ancient symbol of infinity, perfection and purity. At the same time, this object is a modern abstract sculpture: a concentrated form, reduced to its essence. 

Buddhist concept

The text THE PATH OF LUCK is engraved precisely around the middle. The words refer to the Buddhist concept of the path that leads to happiness and spiritual freedom. The preciousness and perfection of the shiny granite sphere is accentuated by the beautifully made display case, which is also part of the work.