Joep van Lieshout is an idealistic artist looking for alternatives to our current society. In his sculptures and installations he poses challenging questions about our contemporary way of life. With an abundance of humor and shrewdness, he broadens the realm of art and removes the traditional boundaries between art, architecture, design and commerce.


Mobile Home is midway between a caravan and a work of art. It is a habitable ‘camping vehicle’ with a sleeping, sanitary, office and kitchen unit. But the spot where it stands, almost casually in the middle of a sculpture garden, is curious at the very least. The confusion is compounded by the fact that the caravan looks like a large, angular, brightly coloured sculpture with a strange yellow blob stuck to it on the side.


All in all, this is a hybrid of art, architecture and a commercial product. It raises questions, and that is precisely the artist’s intention: ‘I do enjoy putting people on the wrong footing. Thus, they are at least stimulated to form their own ideas’.