Above the trees

Krijn Giezen designed Kijk Uit Attention (Look Out Attention) as an ‘unconventional walk through the woods’. The walk consists of a path that begins at the sculpture Gewei (Antlers) by John Raedecker and leads to an 87 metre-long stairway that extends above the trees on the Franse berg.

Additional features

Due to tightened safety regulations, the museum was required to provide the stairway with structural safety features. These have altered the character of the artwork and how it functions in the sculpture garden.

Occasionally opened

The museum is currently considering the future of Kijk Uit Attention. For the time being, the work is opened occasionally. 

Opening hours 2019, between 11.00 and 16.00 hrs:
20 april until 5 May 
30 May (Ascension Day) until 2 June
8 until 10 June, Pentecost
6 July until 1 September
12 until 27 October

Please note: during bad weather conditions the work will be closed. 

Extra: Moving Pictures

Jop Tonnaer made this short film, inspired by  Sculpture 23Moving Pictures  is a creative collaborative project of ArtEZ and the Kröller-Müller Museum.