The logo is an opening window with the name ‘Kröller-Müller’ shown in the window frame. The shadow of the window falls partially onto the opening and partially below the opening. The shadow is semi-transparent and therefore changes the colour of the background.

logo Kröller-Müller MuseumThe logo is available in the following formats:

For print .eps and .pdf in CMYK

For digital use .jpg and .png in RGB

The logo is available in nine colours. Blue is the corporate colour and is therefore the preferred variant. If another colour is a better fit for the material or subject matter, it can be used.

Logo set black/white without shadow 

The logo is generally used as a variant that includes colour. If this is not possible, a black-and-white variant can be used. In such cases, the shadow is not included. The logo is available in the following formats:

For print .eps in black and white

For digital use .png in black and white

Please note

Send any use of the logo to for verification. For more information and examples, please refer to the Kröller-Müller brand manual. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to .