Art Collector

Art Collector. A real game

The idea for Art Collector is based on the Kröller-Müller’s serious game Collecting like Helene, part of a teaching package for secondary school pupils. This online game from 2005 was in need of an update. When the museum made new plans together with the target group, the question arose: ‘Could it be a real game?’. Board games are a major trend worldwide and the Dutch game creators 999 Games decided to develop the game together with the museum.

All ages

The result is impressive. Art Collector is an accessible art game for all ages. It takes you back into history and brings art to the kitchen or camping table, in a surprising and playful way. Illustrator Erik Varekamp (known for VPRO Gids and HP De Tijd, among others) provided the illustrations. There is also a teaching package for schools, for a playful introduction to the collection.

Available at a discount for a limited period

Art Collector normally costs € 19.95. But until 31 December 2019, the game is available in the museum shop of the Kröller-Müller Museum for the special price of € 10.00. The discount is not valid in the museum’s webshop. The game is available as of 21 October.

Art Collector (and the teaching package of the same name) were made possible in part by a contribution from the VSB Fund.