Restart of cultural life

UNLOCKED / RECONNECTED marks the restart of public cultural life. The exhibition extends all across the country. Every location shows a work that connects the period behind us with the future. Visitors can access the website through a QR code on their phone and find more information about the selected work, all participating locations and their artworks.

Bruce Nauman

We have selected Bruce Nauman’s Window or Wall Sign (1967) for this exhibition. Since its acquisition in 1977, the work has hung in the entrance hall of the museum, as a (double) message to the visitor. Due to the Coronavirus measures, no QR code has been linked to this work. Would you like to know about its background? You can read more on the UNLOCKED / RECONNECTED website.

UNLOCKED / RECONNECTED is an initiative of Dürst Britt & Mayhew – The Hague and tegenboschvanvreden – Amsterdam