From Up to and including Time
23 Mar 2024 15 Sep 2024 10:00 - 17:00

You can walk at your own leisure during opening hours of the museum and sculpture garden. The route is signposted, so you don't need a map.

Door de bomen de beeldentuinAbout the walking route

Makers' collective Circus Andersom has set out a short and a long walking route through the sculpture garden, which appeals to all your senses. The focus of the walk is the connection between people, art and nature. For instance, you will have a good conversation with a tree, attend a forest opera, practice your flexibility and recharge your energy with a work of art.

During the walk, you will be questioned, disconcerted and your imagination will be called upon. You will gain a fresh perspective on how we as humans relate to art and nature.

Practical information

The short route follows paved paths, allow 30 minutes for the short walk. Are you adventurous and a good walker? Then follow the long walk that also includes the French Hill and takes about 60 minutes. The walk begins at the entrance to the sculpture garden. Then the pink signs and pink boulders will show you the way. You won't need a map.

The walking route is available in both Dutch and English. You can follow the walk in two directions. In one direction you will find the Dutch signs, in the opposite direction you will see the English signs.