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Werkstations 'Eerst komt de liefde voor de kunstCreate your own bulletin

Unique for Art & Project was the bulletin. At first these were only used to announce exhibitions, but soon artists began using the bulletin to spread their ideas. Some bulletins themselves became a work of art or a complete exhibition.

You can get to work yourself at the special workstations. For example, create your own bulletin at the bulletin bar! Here you can share a tip, a poem, a story or something you saw in the exhibition. Send the bulletin to yourself or surprise someone else with it.

Fill the archive box

Fortunately, Art & Project's gallery owners preserved a lot, from a glass used by artist Bas Jan Ader to the notebook with the first mention of the name Art & Project. Would you like to help us create a beautiful archive around this exhibition too? Then leave an object in the archive box in the exhibition. For example, a passport photo from your wallet, a receipt from your pocket or something you made yourself.

Archive box

Map out the network of the Kröller-Müller Museum

In Bulletin 15, Project for Art & Project (1969), Jan Dibbets mapped out Art & Project’s network. Dibbets asked everyone who received the bulletin to return a page to the gallery. He then drew a line on the world map between the sender's home address and Amsterdam.

In the museum we are mapping out the network of exhibition visitors. Tell the exhibition guide where you live and draw a line between your hometown and the museum. Eventually, just as in Jan Dibbets' artwork, an overview of the museum's network will emerge.

Leave your opinion

The Art & Project gallery was in contact with many different artists, collectors and other interested parties. If you search the Art & Project archives, you will find out more about these people, their views on art and personal messages. Your opinion also matters! On the window at the workstations you will find six statements. On themes in artworks, but also on other, more personal topics. Pick up a sticker and leave us your opinion!