Matthea takes you into the museum and shows you how Marinus Boezem makes art with air. Watch the video and discover the exhibition Marinus Boezem. All Shows.

Nice and airy

Air is invisible, but the artist still manages to make it visible! He does this, for example, by using soapy water (water and air) or with a fan. You probably have those materials at home. Can you create your own air art?

 You will need:

  • A fan
  • Things that can move with air, such as: fabric, paper, curtains, your hair, feathers, a dandelion clock, toilet rolls, etc.
  • A space in which to create the air artwork, such as a cardboard box or …

Let your imagination run wild, experiment and try to make air visible. Do you need some help to make your idea work? Ask someone you live with!


Watch the video and see how Tirza and Noralie do this with toilet paper! 


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