Bordspel Art CollectorBargains and competition

In Art Collector you will meet Helene Kröller-Müller and her biggest wish: a museum with the greatest masterpieces of modern art. Follow the tracks of Helene and hunt for the best art collection. Assisted by an advisor, you sometimes stumble on a bargain. But stay vigilant, because your rivals are watching. The other players are also collecting, the prices are increasing and the auctions are unpredictable... 


Art Collector takes you back into history and brings art to the kitchen or camping table, in a surprising and playful way. You can play the game with two to four players.

Photographer: Wienke Hofland

Teaching package for schools

Schools can use the board game as preparation for their museum visit. After playing the game, students can research their collection in the museum. Did they buy enough crowd-pleasers or would they like to exchange a painting with their classmates? Are they pleased with how the works are presented? And are their treasures well protected?

How does it work:

  • In the classroom/at the kitchen table: students play the board game, collect masterpieces and take a photo of their own collection. Pressed for time? Download a sample collection from the website.
  • Preparation before the museum visit: select and print the free Art Collector lesson cards
  • In the museum: let students bring the photo of their collection. Hand out the lesson cards. Students can research their collection in pairs, or individually. 


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 Art Collector (and the teaching package of the same name) were made possible in part by a contribution from the VSB Fund.
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