Vincent van Gogh window
Terrace of a café at night (Place du Forum), circa 16 September 1888, Bridge at Arles (Pont de Langlois), mid-March 1888, Portrait of Joseph Roulin, February-March 1889, Still life with a plate of onions, early January 1889, Country road in Provence by night, circa 12-15 May 1890 and The sower, circa 17-28 June 1888 are part of the Vincent van Gogh window.

Fifty windows
With fifty windows, the Canon of the Netherlands guides you through the people, events and objects that together tell the history of the Netherlands. With the Canon as a starting point, museums and historical sites reveal the versatility of Dutch history. They present masterpieces of the Canon in their own context and join forces in programming and campaigning.

On display in the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem
This national collaboration is an initiative of the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem, where the overview presentation of the Canon of the Netherlands has been on display since September 2017. The Canon network will be expanded further in the coming years, spread across the Netherlands. This national collaboration is made possible in part by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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