Jan Dibbets, Construction 2 rolls of grass, 1967 In 2009 the museum purchases Jan Dibbets’ Construction 2 rolls of grass from 1967 at an auction. The artist then donates four comparable works from the same period, because he wants to give the ‘construction’ a context. With this donation, the museum has obtained a special group of works in Dibbets’ oeuvre in one fell swoop.

Ploughing, raking, digging

With the constructivist paintings that he is making at that moment in mind, Dibbets starts to develop sketches and studies for geometric compositions in the landscape. These are proposals for interventions in the landscape, for example by ploughing, raking or digging circles and rectangles, and playing with perspective.

Jan Dibbets, Meadow piece, 1968Realized for the first time

Most of these ‘constructions’ were never carried out and are now being realized for the first time in the sculpture garden. Dibbets’ proposals are shown in the museum. These are often drawn simply but remarkably effective on graph paper or as collages, with notes and instructions in the margins. They are presented with other works from the same period.

Images: Jan Dibbets, Construction 2 rolls of grass, 1967 and Meadow piece, 1968