A work of art that you can touch, that you can walk through, in which you are even allowed to play! The world-renowned Jardin d’émail by Jean Dubuffet leaves an indelible impression on many visitors, young and old.

Different world

The artificial, walled ‘garden’ was designed specifically for the Kröller-Müller Museum. The contrast between the bright white with jagged black lines and the natural surroundings is particularly stark. Once inside this art garden, the visitors can imagine themselves in a completely different world


The atmosphere of this monumental sculpture is characteristic for the work of Dubuffet. All his work expresses his fascination with the unusual, the spontaneous, the subconscious and the chaotic, which are typical for the paintings and drawings of children and the mentally ill. He calls these expressions that he admires, which are not regarded as official art, ‘art brut’.

You and Jardin d’émail

To celebrate the reopening of Jardin d’émail, we asked our followers on social media to share their favourite memory or photo. The result? A mailbox full of beautiful photos, family snapshots and anecdotes, from the seventies to the present day. Click on the photos below and enjoy!

Image: Director Rudi Oxenaar with Jean Dubuffet in 1974 / Compilation of visitor photos, multiple dates

Reopening 2020

After 5 years of conservation work, this imposing artwork by Jean Dubuffet is gleaming again. Touching Jardin d’émail, walking on it and even playing there is allowed!