busvervoer gemeente EdeJoint project development

The memorandum of understanding describes the way in which the municipality of Ede and the museum work together and the goals on which the collaboration focuses. The collaboration contributes to the mission and key objectives of both organizations and should lead to growth in the brand momentum and the reach of both:

  • Increasing the knowledge and particularly the active experience of art and cultural pursuits for all ages. This translates into concrete goals, such as ensuring that all primary school pupils visit the museum at least once during their school time, and bringing the elderly and special target groups into contact with art and culture.
  • Strengthening the international attractiveness of Ede, ‘Food and Veluwe’ and the Kröller-Müller Museum, including through the further development of the Taste of Van Gogh.
  • Where possible, the municipality of Ede contributes to the accessibility of the museum by local, regional and national public transport.

Examples of the joint projects are the Digital block calendar ‘Every day art’, the Student Transport project and ‘Ede kijkt kunst’ (Ede views art).

Other joint projects include the digital tear-off calendar Elke dag kunst (Art every day), the leerlingenvervoer (public transport) project, and Ede kijkt kunst (Ede looks at art). The museum is also closely involved with De Smaak van Van Gogh (The taste of Van Gogh), an initiative by the Municipality that brings together nature, art, and food. As part of this initiative, numerous events, shows, and Van Gogh products are being launched to commemorate Van Gogh Year 2015. The Kröller-Müller Museum is assisting with the development and promotion of De Smaak van Van Gogh, and will continue to do so after 2015 as well.

Win-win situation

Mayor René Verhulst: ‘We want to create and encourage the involvement of the Ede residents in the Kröller-Müller Museum. Many of our residents are unaware that this leading museum is just around the corner! Moreover, we can help the museum to connect with the companies and knowledge institutions in Ede. We, in turn, employ the brand strength and international reputation of the museum to reinforce our living and business climate, and use the museum’s expertise for the development of city marketing. Thus making it a win-win situation.’ 

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