een rondleider toont een schilderij aan een groep ouderen, waarvan twee in rolstoel  | foto: stichting De Zonnebloem, fotograaf Joris Robben

Visiting the Kröller-Müller Museum with Bep Martensen

You have to come along, Mrs Martensen, you are the life of the party.’ A gathering of the Breda-Belcrum-Linie-Doornbos branch of the Zonnebloem would not be complete without Bep Martensen. She has been a much-loved guest for years and is happy to keep it that way. Because of the cosiness, the volunteers who support her in everything and the outings to places she wouldn't otherwise visit. Including the Kröller-Müller Museum, which surprised her immensely.

Topstukken on Tour (Masterpieces on Tour) and Totzo!

For elderly people for whom a museum visit is too demanding, Masterpieces on Tour was developed in 2020. A replica of Vincent Van Gogh's Terrace of a Café at Night travels around the country along with 15 other masterpieces. Every year, the Museum Plus Bus makes 100 residential care facilities happy with this on-site exhibition. An experienced museum teacher visits the exhibition for a discussion about the artworks. In addition, residents and other visitors can browse the accompanying art magazine Totzo! to read more about the artworks or complete one of the many creative assignments. Five editions of the art magazine have been released to date.

All Museum Plus Bus activities can be offered free of charge thanks to the participants of the VriendenLoterij.

Museum Plus Bus website (Dutch).

Museum Plus Bus bij Obdam, Mevr. Heddes, foto: Milagro Elstak

Images: Visit of Museum Plus Bus with De Zonnebloem Foundation and Mrs Martensen, photo: Joris Robben/ Museum Plus Bus Topstukken on Tour at Obdam, Ms. Heddes, photo: Milagro Elstak