Redon in a new light 
Although the significance of literature and music in Redon’s oeuvre is generally recognized, this is the first time that an exhibition has been devoted to this theme. La littérature et la musique shows how Redon found inspiration in literary and musical sources. And how he incorporated that inspiration into his own themes and motifs.

Special loan

The exhibition consists of 167 works from an important private collection, the museum’s own extensive Redon holdings and a number of loans from other public and private collections. La littérature et la musique can therefore offer an unprecedented view of the breadth and variety of themes in Redon’s entire oeuvre, from his powerful black and white lithographs to his radiant, colourful pastels.

The costs of the exhibition are estimated at € 402,500. 



Images: Odilon Redon, La liseuse, 1895-1900, private collection