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1966 – 1967

Between art and nature

Part of: Oxenaar

In his first three years, director Rudi Oxenaar formulates a vision for the museum that revolves around the ‘encounter between art and nature’. He is also increasingly involved in international platforms for art. He is commissioner for the Dutch contingent at the 33rd Venice Biennale and a member of the selection and placement committee for the 5th international sculpture exhibition in Sonsbeek Park in Arnhem. Meanwhile in Otterlo a second extension of the sculpture garden is realized.

Damage to Van Gogh

H.P. Bremmer commemorative exhibition

Sculpture garden as large as a municipal park

David Smith

Exhibition of the Sainsbury Collection

Art, nature and architecture

Lucio Fontana next to 'Concetto spaziale 'Natura' (1959-60), George Rickey installing 'Two vertical, three horizontal lines' (1966)

Two duo exhibitions

Seven sculptures by Barbara Hepworth

Visitors are looking at 'Oval form (Trezion)' of Barbara Hepworth at the Rietveld pavilion, ca 1967 'Barbara Hepworth © Bowness'

Hammacher in bronze

Hans Verhulst, A.M. Hammacher, 1967

Hans Verhulst, A.M. Hammacher, 1967


Dusan Dzamonja, Metal sculpture, 1966, Jean Gorin, Relief spatio-temporel no. 17, 1966, Hubert Dalwood, Tower, 1966, Jésus Rafael Soto, Volume suspendu, 1966, Ryokichi Mukai, Ant castle 8, 1961 - 1967, Anthony Hill, Relief construction F2, 1965-67, Charles Biederman, Structurist work number 28, Red Wing, 1960, Oto Logo, Bird 3, 1965