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1982 – 1990

The last decade

Part of: Oxenaar

In the final years of his directorship, Oxenaar seems to have the wind in his sails. Certainly when he manages to convince the ministry to increase the acquisition budget on a structural basis. The annual reports, his arena for change, receive less and less attention. That is reserved for the art, for making exhibitions and another extension of the sculpture garden: the ‘sculpture forest’.

Beech trees

Premiere & Sheet music

Green forests

Niek Kemps, The birth of Venus (1983), Arno van der Mark, The birth of Venus (1983), Robert O'Brien, Cimeterio di Storia (1982)

Extra credit

Michelangelo Pistoletto; Figure looking at itself (1983), Mortal danger (1974), Venus of the rags (1967-1982)

278 x Van Gogh

Little Arena

50 years of the park

Sanders’ Appel

Large and small

Exhibitions; Christo; Surrounded Islands and Dan Flavin; Monuments” for V. Tatlin 1964-1982, 1985

Dutch sculpture

Acquisitions & donations

Shiryu Morita, Yu (the great tree) Ideogram (1968), Jannis Kounellis, Senza titolo (1980), Carel Visser, Dogs (1986), David Vandekop, 18.00 (1985), Pjotr Müller, My paradise (1985)

Wessel Couzijn

Poster Wessel Couzijn, 1986

The whole collection in half the museum

‘Formerly The collection Visser’

Hanne Darboven, Letter to Martin and Mia Visser, 2nd of June 1976

50 years of the Kröller-Müller

Sculpture forest

Sculpture forest; Richard Serra, One (1987), Sjoerd Buisman, Phyllotaxis (1987), Giuseppe Penone, Faggio di Otterlo (1987-88), Pjotr Müller, To Noumenon (1987), Francois Morellet, La plate bande (1988), Ulrich Rückriem, Syeniet (1988)

25 years as director

Oxenaar 25 years as director, 1988

At the request of the staff, Pieter Brattinga designs a poster with the text ‘We value him greatly’. ‘They were fighting over those posters.’

Van Gogh theft

Report on the National Museums

Much to the relief

Carel Visser

Poster Carel Visser, 1989

Pieter Brattinga

Vincent van Gogh 1990


Farewell celebration Oxenaar, 1st of December 1990

Farewell celebration Oxenaar, 1st of December 1990

Evert van Straaten