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1959 – 1960

Tradition and innovation

Part of: Hammacher

Now that he has received the go-ahead for the sculpture garden, Hammacher can finally focus on the practical implementation of his policy of organizing international exhibitions. Thus, the Van Goghcollection travels through Japan and the work of Japanese contemporary artists is shown in Otterlo. The exhibition Vorm en Kleur (Form and Colour) presents sculptures from Africa and Oceania. In the forest, the first trees are felled for the construction of the sculpture garden.

Japanese expression

Poster and catalogue 'Tradition and innovation in Japanese art', 1959 / Exhibition 'Tradition and innovation in Japanese art', 1959

‘Inter muros et extra’

Oscar Jespers, Female dancer, 1952-1953 / Fritz Wotruba, Standing figure, 1958-1959
Lynn Chadwick, BeastXVI, 1959 / Shamaï Haber, Balanced construction, 1957-1959

Magical human figures from Africa and Oceania

Catalogue 'The collection of Theo van Gogh', 1960 / Antelope mask / Catalogue 'Form and Colour, Sculptures Africa Oceania', 1960

The construction of the sculpture garden

J.T.P. Bijhouwer, Sculpture garden Kröller-Müller Museum, 1:1000, 1 September 1955 / 16 April 1960
Arturo Martini, Judith en Holofernes, 1932-1933 / Installation of Judith en Holofernes / Jacques Lipchitz, Song of the vowels, 1931-1932