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The sculpture garden

Part of: Hammacher

Hammacher wonders how he can provide a comprehensive overview of modern sculpture with limited means. He is still looking for additions to the early modern collection, while simultaneously he has to present established artists of his time. In 1961 he awards a special commission to the young inexperienced artist Marta Pan, which will define the appearance of the sculpture garden for years to come.

The development of sculptural art

Otto Freundlich, Composition, cast in 1961 from a 1933 plaster model / Joannes Avramidis, Large figure, 1958

Cloud shepherd

Jean Arp, Cloud shepherd, 1953

Reclining sculpture by Moore

Henry Moore, Two-piece reclining figure II, 1960

‘Your Reclining Figure arrived Saturday morning. We are trying to place it on top of a hill between the trees […] I think it is quite good to discover this marvelous sculpture suddenly there’.

Henry Moore, Animal head, 1956

Made for Otterlo

Hans Aeschbacher, Design for Large figure I, 1961 / Hans Aeschbacher, Large figure I, 1961
Installation of Floating sculpture 'Otterlo' by Marta Pan, 1961

Installation of Floating sculpture 'Otterlo' by Marta Pan, 1961

Model of floating sculpture 'Otterlo', 1960 / Hammacher and Pan alongside an unassembled Floating sculpture 'Otterlo' / Marta Pan, Drawing for Floating sculpture 'Otterlo', 1961

A place for everything

Sculpture garden, 1961

The sculpture garden in open

Minister Jo Cals steps through a styrofoam wall by design of Oswald Wenckebach, opening the sculpture garden, 3 juni 1961

Ensor & Redon

Odilon Redon, Marie Botkine in an astrakhan coat, 1900 / Catalogue and Poster of the exhibition 'James Ensor', 1961