Lisettes Lijst #10 - Composition in line, second state by Piet Mondriaan

In this episode: a masterpiece by Piet Mondriaan.

Lisette's List #9 - La Pièce by Ger van Elk

In the 9th episode: a small, white block of wood with an immense significance.

Lisette's List #8 - Opposites of white by Roni Horn

In the 8th episode: a sculpture by Roni Horn which is composed of two glass objects: Opposites of White. The reflection of nature as well as its tendency to be in a constant state of flux, are key themes in this work. Are you curious to see how the artist has captured these themes in her glass sculpture?


Lisette's List #7 - Abstrakte Figur by Oskar Schlemmer

In this episode we discuss a work of art by a famous multidisciplinary artist: Oskar Schlemmer. His work Abstract Figure depicts the human figure in its most elementary form and movements.


Lisette's List #6 - La partie de cartes by Fernand Léger

In episode 6 of Lisette’s list, Lisette discusses an impressive work of art by Fernand Léger in which man is depicted as a machine, La partie de cartes (Soldiers playing cards).


Lisette's List #5: Venus with Amor as a Honey Thief by Lucas Cranach the Elder

In episode 5 of Lisette’s list, Lisette discusses an old masterpiece featuring a wise life lesson: Venus with Amor as a Honey Thief by Lucas Cranach the Elder. What is the story behind this work of art depicting Amor and his mother Venus?


Lisette’s List #4: Constantin Brancusi - Le commencement du monde

Le commencement du monde (The beginning of the world), by Constantin Brancusi, is a special modern abstract sculpture created by an artist who is often viewed as the father of modern art sculptures.


Lisette’s List #3: Paravento con Linea di Velocità by Giacomo Balla

In this episode we join Lisette Pelsers to view a special futuristic artwork created by one of the trailblazers of futurism: Giacomo Balla’s Paravento con Linea di Velocità (1916-1917).


Lisette’s List #2: Pastorale by Barbara Hepworth

Pastorale is a modern abstract sculpture of a reclining figure lying in peace and surrounded by nature. This Barbara Hepworth artwork depicts the wholly relaxed feeling of a person lying down, surrounded by the sea and the hills – the waves and valleys.


Lisette’s List #1: Le Chahut by Georges Seurat 

In the first episode of Lisette’s List, we look at the painting Le Chahut (1889-1891) by Georges Seurat with Lisette Pelsers, director of the Kröller-Müller Museum.