The modest presentation How to handle a Trowel offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of Trowel from 1971 by Claes Oldenburg. This iconic sculpture was given a new coat of paint in late 2016. Sunlight, rain and frost had faded the blue paint over the years. Careful investigation was carried out to determine the correct paint colour. As of 23 January, Trowel will again stand as a landmark on the way to the museum. You can read more about this research in the blog of apprentice conservator Eline de Graaf. 

Claes Oldenburg, TroffelTo the blog

Claes Oldenburg, Trowel, 1971, sketch by Claes Oldenburg in a letter to Rudi Oxenaar, 1971, date unknown, silver Trowel at the T-junction, Trowel, location after 1976