In the work of Lucas Lenglet (Leiden, 1972) notions such as inclusion and exclusion, threat, safety and protection play a significant role. With his installations he intervenes in existing spaces and brings into sharp focus the relationship between inside and outside. The former entrance to the museum where ‘outside’ becomes ‘inside’ is a place which is eminently suited for an intervention by Lenglet. The works he places in the space refer to objects which mark the transition between inside and outside: barriers, fences or grates. In this way he explores the continuous interaction between inclusion and exclusion.


Lucas Lenglet took the title of his installation, And all the untilled air between, from the poem Prologue: The birth of architecture by W.H. Auden. The poem is about personal space, its demarcation and the feeling of discomfort when someone oversteps that boundary, as well as it’s about the ways in which houses offer protection to those who are inside while at the same time excluding those who are not inside.

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Image: Lucas Lenglet, And all the untilled air between, 2019, photo: Marjon Gemmeke