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1971 – 1972

The new museum

Part of: Oxenaar

Construction work commences. Practical solutions must be found for both the architectural interventions and the museum’s operation. Oxenaar uses an important exchange exhibition with Russia to expedite the new construction. The staff and collection move temporarily to Arnhem, where the outdoor exhibition Sonsbeek buiten de perken is also held. Meanwhile on the Veluwe a ‘new’ museum for modern art, but now also contemporary art, arises.

Renovation and new construction

Moving the collection, 1970-71

Guests in Arnhem

Lezingen over de collectie Kröller-Müller, 1971

Sculpture garden remains open

Sonsbeek beyond the boundaries

Poster 'Sonsbeek 71'

Oldenburg’s Trowel

Touring exhibitions

Six original plaster pieces by Jean Arp

Jean Arp; Preadamite torse (1938), Sculpture to be lost in the forest (1932), Siren (1942), Helmet head I (1959), Star (1939), Meudon knot (1958)

Finally a futurist


First section of the Quist wing , 1971

Ad Dekkers' Wall relief

Ad Dekkers, Wall relief, 1971

‘Nowhere will this triad be more evident than here. It was Mrs Kröller-Müller’s point of departure, it was also the point of departure for the design of the new building by architect Quist.’

Russian reciprocation: Exhibition From Van Gogh to Picasso

Poster From Van Gogh to Picasso, 1972

Diagrams & Drawings

Common interest: Oxenaar and the Vissers

Martin Visser and Christo

Martin Visser and Christo