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1953 – 1957

‘Violins of the space’

Part of: Hammacher

Hammacher seeks to expand ‘his’ sculpture collection and sees possibilities in the immediate vicinity of the museum, in the heart of nature. He envisages a ‘sculpture garden’ for presentations in the open air, but negotiations with the surrounding National Park are difficult. Hammacher continues his plans and moreover manages to procure many new works, such as those by Barbara Hepworth.

From inside to outside

Barbara Hepworth

Hepworths Pastorale (1953) in the sculpture gallery 'Barbara Hepworth © Bowness'

The ideal auditorium

With thanks to the collectors

Poster and catalogue of the exhibition 'The art of our time', The collection of Mr Gustave van Geluwe of Brussels, 1956

A hundered thousend

Catalogue 'From Max Ernst to Paul Klee' with photo's of Mr. and Mrs. Urvater, 1957

Child in the sun