Botanischer Wahnsinn

Botanischer Wahnsinn (Botanical Madness)
21 May to 30 October 2022

In recent years, artists from all over the world and from extremely diverse backgrounds have shown a remarka

ble interest in plants and trees. This interest cannot be seen separately from the revolution in our knowledge of plants that has taken place in recent decades. Scientific research has shown that plants are not just 'things', but intelligent entities that are not only able to see, smell, feel, communicate and hear, but also to orientate themselves and to remember. Along with the newknowledge about plants, there is also increasing awareness of the defining role
that plants play in the stability of ecosystems, as well as of the alarming loss of species.
In the exhibition Botanischer Wahnsinn, the Kröller-Müller Museum presents a kaleidoscopic selection of works by artists that examine the rich world of plants from different perspectives. The exhibition includes works in a variety of media, including herbaria, photography, works on paper and installations by Gemma Anderson, Joseph Beuys, Sjoerd Buisman, Mel Chin, Mark Dion, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Lili Fischer, Pierre Huyghe, Michael Landy, Candice Lin, Ana Mendieta, Otobong Nkanga, Giuseppe Penone, P. Staff, Anaïs Tondeur, herman de vries and Lois Weinberger. Botanischer Wahnsinn is compiled by guest curator Roel Arkesteijn. Arkesteijn is a curator and author, interested in art and ecology, ‘art for social change’ and forms of artistic activism.

In addition to this exhibition, a number of smaller presentations are on display in the summer period.

With paint 1: Steven Aalders. Seasons
Until 26 June 2022
As first in the series With paint, we present Steven Aalders. Seasons. In this exhibition, Steven Aalders (Middelburg, 1959) shows his recent abstract oil
paintings. The centrepiece is the series View (after Bruegel), in which the seasons are depicted in six paintings in various colour combinations.

Jeroen Jongeleen. Running in circles
Until 30 October 2022
Running in circles features six video works in which Jeroen Jongeleen (Apeldoorn, 1967) runs in circles in deserted areas, leaving behind a temporary trace of his exertions. A drone films the solitary performances of the artist, who seems caught in a hamster wheel of his own creation.

Shoichi Ida. The Surface is the between.
Until 18 September 2022
The Japanese artist Shoichi Ida (1941-2006) is considered an important innovator in graphic art, which has a long and rich history in Japan. From the early 1960s, Ida experimented freely with traditional techniques, such as woodcut, silkscreen printing, lithography, etching and monotype.

Vestibulum 5. Esther Thielemans
18 June to 20 November 2022
Thielemans (Helmond, 1976) searches for ways to bring the landscape that surrounds the museum inside. The position of the painting-objects in the space, the translation of light into paint, the framing of the subject and the reflectivity of the paint surface all play a role in this.

With paint 2: Klaas Kloosterboer. The rules and the game
9 July 2022 to 8 January 2023
In The rules and the game, Klaas Kloosterboer (Schermerhorn, 1959) shows paintings with well-placed blobs of paint and polka-dot paintings, assemblages of boxes and other appropriated objects trouvés, as well as video works in which he has recorded his actions in the studio.




30 and 31 July – I’m Listening, Marnix van de Poll

In the Listening Pavilion designed by visual artist Dré Wapenaar, the pianist Marnix van de Poll invites his guests for a unique and intimate musical dialogue.

4 and 11 August - Concerts NJO Muziekzomer (National Youth Orchestra Music Summer)

Two ensembles draw inspiration from the exhibition Botanischer Wahnsinn and perform a musical programme in the museum’s sculpture garden

Lois Weinberger, What is Beyond Plants is at one with Them, Documenta X, Kassel 1997, photo: Dieter Schwerdtle